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These days various types of educational institutes are available for both girls and boys. These institutes are generally divided in two types:


  1. Co-ed academies
  2. Single gender institutes.

Our goal is to provide the list of best educational institutes which are available online.


Parents and students are requested to register with us to find information about various schools based on their requirements.


Complete contact information of various are available. This online resource also provides updated information on various recreational programs. Parents can also read and share their feedback and comments.



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Program Overview
highly qualified teachers
Wealth of clubs, sports, arts
State-of-the-art computer lab
Sports & Games
Early-start literacy program
Great Program in Boys School
Full-day kindergarten program

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Individual approach to learning

 Various useful facilities available in all boys schools in US are:


- Residential facilities  
- Meals
- Transport service
- Medical facility
- Helping staff
- Computer labs
- Science labs


In some primary schools, foundation level military training is also given to students. Physical training programs are provided by the physical fitness instructors to make the learners fit and healthy.


Updated information about boys military schools is provided.